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Nosotros – Fibra Prime

About us

FIBRA Prime focuses on the acquisition, development, management and optimization of it’s Real Estate in order to generate cash flow. We provide to our investors with an attractive return through steady distributions and the appreciation of the value of our real property.

We are the first REIT regulated in Peru, with a diversified portfolio in Real Estate assets (industrial, commercial, offices, hotels, etc.) for different purposes.

FIBRA Prime is managed by Continental Sociedad Titulizadora S.A. and Administradora Prime S.A. is managing their Real Estate. Both organizations are constituted by highly skilled teams with a proven expertise in the area of securitizations and Real Estate respectively. Furthermore, FIBRA Prime is under the supervision of the SMV (Superintendent of the Stock Market) since it is an investment vehicle that will register its certificates in the Lima Stock Exchange.


FIBRA Prime’s mission is to generate sustainable value through the best management of its Real Estate and the appreciation of their value as well as providing to the investors a diversified portfolio, whose ultimate purpose shall be to maximize the returns to our investors. To this effect, we will keep a conservative financial structure, with reasonable leverage levels.


To be the most important REIT in our country, bringing together a larger amount of premium Real Estate in order to generate income and future appreciation.
To become a long-term financing option and an alternative for companies with Real Estate assets in Peru.
To be the REIT with the highest standards for compliance and corporate governance.
We aim to administrate US$500MM in the following 3 years.

What is a FIBRA?

FIBRA, in Spanish is the accronym for “Real Estate Investment Trust”, whose main purpose is the acquisition or development of Real Estate in order to lease them or use another method to generate income. The FIBRAs provide their investors with returns mainly as profit distribution.

Through this innovative vehicle, we are seeking to channel the investments of institutions and retail investors, in order to develop and boost the Real Estate sector and the capital markets.

FIBRA Prime is the first REIT registered in Peru, BBVA Continental Sociedad Titulizadora S.A., acts as trustee, and Administradora Prime S.A. is the Asset Manager of the Real Estate. Furthermore, FIBRA Prime is supervised by the SMV (Superintendent of the Stock Market).

Benefits and features


The FIBRA is not taxed
Deferment of the Income Tax. The allocations of the correspondent Income Tax  depends on the condition of each shareholder:

‐ Individuals: 5%
‐ Corporate entities: 29.5%


Features of FIBRA Prime
‐ Trusts provide ideal legal security to investments
‐ Top Corporate Governance
‐ Investments protected to inflation
‐ The returns are provided by rents and appreciation of Real Estate
‐ Diversification to traditional assets (fixed income and equity), with high returns in US dollars
‐ Liquidity in the Market
‐ Management of properties and investments with a professional asset manager.


95% of the Net Distributable Profits
The distributions for the shareholders must be at least of a 95% of the Net Distributable Profits.


Portfolio Management
Diversification of the Portfolio through a mix of assets with a low correlation of risk among industries. The main types of assets are: Industrial & Warehouses, Commercial, Offices, Hotels, etc.

Relationships with clients and tenants with long-term strategic partnerships.


‐ Institutional Investors
‐ Pension Funds
‐ Mutual Funds
‐ Family Offices
‐ Private Banking
‐ Insurance Companies
‐ Stock Brokerage Firms
‐ Retail & individuals


Aligned team
Team with global expertise in Real Estate investments, asset and portfolio management, as well as corporate finance and capital markets.



Wide range of Real Estate assets types in the portfolio avoiding concentration in one single real estate cycle.

Recurring cash flow via rents.

Attractive low risk returns

Off-market, Sale&Lease, Flows, B2S’s, etc. Wide scope and expansion.

Rents indexed to inflation.

Focus on long-term enforced periods contracts

We are Continually Improving
the Operational Profile of our Assets,
therefore increasing their value.


Administrative boards


Shareholders Meeting

Highest governing body for the investors.

Investors: both, institutional and individual investors are considered here.


Technical Committee

Responsible for taking decisions related to the management of FIBRA Prime resources.

Board consisting of 3 to 7 high experience professionals.


Administradora Prime (“APSA”)

Originator of the FIBRA.

Devoted to the identification, operation, administration and strategic consulting in Real Estate assets.

It includes an external & independent Board of Directors with the highest expertise in the sector.


Fiduciary / Securitization Agent BBVA

Trustees Representative

In charge of compliance of the responsabilities towards the SMV.


APSA is an initiative created to promote and democratize investments in the Real Estate market and in the Peruvian capital market. As such, along with the BBVA Bank, the decision is made to publicly establish the first Peruvian REIT – FIBRA Prime.

Additional information.

Main stakeholders



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